Our Story

Trappers Transport Ltd. is a leading provider of transportation services, specializing in time-sensitive and temperature-controlled products throughout North America. We are an integral and dynamic part of the supply chain, connecting food manufacturers to the end customer.

So how did we get our start?

Yesterday – One Man, One Truck
“Trapper” Dan Omeniuk — as he is known today — bought his first transport truck when he was just 18 years old. Growing up in Northern Manitoba, Dan spent many happy hours hunting and fishing. Dan took those lessons learned from living with limited urban luxuries by the horns and developed his ingenuity and resourcefulness. When he decided to go into business for himself, he knew handling fresh food was a fulfilling way to earn a living. Now, over 30 years and a couple hundred trucks later, he’s achieved the kind of success that few people do.

Today – One Great company, One Mighty Fleet
Dan had an aptitude for the trucking business and a self-sufficiency that helped him figure out how to get things done efficiently. He started off working out of his house in Birds Hill, Manitoba, Canada, and as his company and reputation grew, he had to find more space for his expanding services, sometimes running different parts of his operation out of different locations. Eventually, he found the space that would house everything under one roof.

Today’s expansive 1300 Redonda Street complex is home to Trappers’ head offices, dock and warehouse facility, maintenance facilities, and our well-respected, signature yellow fleet. We are proud to carry on Dan’s business and vision.

“What sets us apart is our ability to react. Our people are dedicated and talented with a desire for success. If there’s a mistake, we correct it. We make it right immediately because there’s a small window of time to respond and that’s what our clients have come to rely on us for – quality and consistency.” – Dustin Omeniuk, Director of Sales & Marketing