Marine Container

From Prairie to Port and Port to Prairie, Trappers Transport Ltd. provides excellent service to ship lines, exporters, importers and freight forwarders. Specializing in refrigerated cargo Trappers Transport Ltd. offers genset service over the road from the Prairie Provinces direct to the Port of Vancouver and return.

In addition to our over the road long haul operations, we offer local dray services within the City of Winnipeg and regional dray services within the Province of Manitoba and from Manitoba to North Western Ontario and into the U.S with service offerings to ND, SD, MN, WI and NE.

In addition to the above, we operate a full service Container Yard storing containers for several major ship lines. Container Yard services include Refrigerated Container Pre Tripping, Refrigeration Repairs, HACCP grade washes, structural repairs to both refrigerated and dry containers. We have a weigh scale on site which allows us to meet all VGM requirements.


  • 40’ – straight with underslung genset
  • 40’, 48’, 53’ – extendables
  • 20’ – tandem slider
  • 20’ – tri axle slider
  • 20’ – tandem-tri axle b-train
  • 40’ – 12 point for hauling two 20’
  • 40’, 20’ – combo chassis


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